Supplier Risk System (SRS)


The Supplier Risk System (SRS) module is a modular-architecture enterprise data-mining tool with a multifunctional perspective. Initially developed by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), SRS has been implemented in PDREP allowing access to both DCMA and non-DCMA users. The module is used to determine or adjust risk-based surveillance, providing users with acquisition insight into Quality, Delivery, Engineering (Technical & Experience), Business and Manufacturing/Production risks at a given contractor’s facility. To provide these insights, SRS calculates a performance index using up to 36 months of supplier performance data as a forecast of future risk. Algorithms used to calculate the performance index are based on DCMA contract administration and surveillance activities at the place of performance, i.e., Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE). This information can then be shared with program offices/buying commands as an information source for non-procurement decision use.


Supplier Risk System Policy is controlled by DCMA Instruction 2303 and DCMA Manual 2303-01.