Customer Service Request (CSR)


The CSR Function allows users to give suggestions, or comments, either positive or negative, for different aspects of the PDREP application. This function also allows the user to report to the PDREP team when they have identified technical issues or potential enhancements for the PDREP application. This module is the primary vehicle for users to request changes in PDREP functionality and should not be used to request PDREP admins to change data, move records or give updates that belong in a record.

When the customer has a request or information to relay to the PDREP team, a CSR form is completed. Each CSR form is categorized by: Type of request (Software Change Requests, Customer Support Desk Requests, or Other) and processed accordingly. Customer Support Desk Requests are typically resolved in a short time. Program enhancement requests (Software Change Requests) are reviewed by the PDREP Configuration Management Board. Here, the request is discussed, prioritized and funding requirements determined if required. If approved, the CSR is assigned and reviewed with the requestor for verification of the request. The customer requirements are documented; programming changes are made and implemented in a test environment. The changes are tested and finally released to the production environment. Your PDREP CMB Representative can be found by selecting the “External Links” at the top of any PDREP application screen and then selecting the “PDREP Activity Coordinators List”

Creating a CSR

The CSR module can be accessed by selecting the “Customer Service Request” link at the top of any PDREP application screen. Users will need to complete the required CSR fields, select the appropriate application and provide a detailed narrative of the problem. The user may add attachments for supporting documentation before saving the CSR. Saving the record will submit the record for processing.