SPPI Bulletins


SPPI Bulletins are used to alert Navy activities of significant quality problems. The intent of the program is to implement the Secretary of Defense policy to maximize the sharing of unclassified information within the Department of Defense community and provide selective dissemination to the industrial community. A Bulletin may be issued for any significant quality problem pertaining to commodities, services or any contractor related problems.

Recommendations for initiating a Bulletin shall be made by individuals cognizant of significant problems that are affecting or have the potential for negatively impacting the quality of materials or services provided to the Navy. Recommendations should be directed to NAVSEA 05R3 (formally NAVSEA 06P) or NSLC Portsmouth. A Bulletin is issued when it has been determined that the problem warrants wider dissemination, urgent notification, or a higher level of concern than that originally identified by other means. All Bulletins shall be discussed with the appropriate Navy technical code before issue.

Report Retrieval

To receive Bulletin Alerts, authorized personnel may register on the PDREP-AIS using this System Access Authorization Request. Distribution will be determined by the content of the Bulletin. It is important to note that Bulletin recipients understand that Bulletin information must be limited to only those activities on distribution. Copies of previously released Bulletins must be requested via the NSLC Portsmouth Help Desk.

Note: If you already have a PDREP-AIS user account, submit an account change request within PDREP-AIS.