Ad Hoc Reports


Ad Hoc allows users to query the database using self-created routines and to save and retrieve those routines.

Prior to initiating an Ad Hoc report, it is extremely important to complete the following steps:

  • Determine the record type.
  • Decide the data elements to be displayed in the report.
  • Determine how the report will be qualified.
  • Determine what fields and in what order the report will be sorted.

Report Retrieval

Once in the PDREP application, the user selects Ad Hoc reports under the tool bar marked REPORTS. They must select the record type they wish to query, found on the left-hand side of the Ad Hoc screen. Once selected, the data elements for that record will display to the right of the record type column. Once the record type has been selected, a scroll down menu will appear containing the data elements associated with that particular record. Select data elements by a single click on the desired data element. Elements must be selected in the order they are to be displayed on the report (except for narratives). At least one data element must be selected if you are using a “Where” clause, which further qualifies reports. To select more than one data element, press the CTRL Key and select the data elements. To create your report, click on “Run Report” to obtain the results.

Saving Ad Hoc Results

Complete the “Save Result As” box and select where the report is to be saved, then click on the “SAVE RESULT” button. If the user wants to keep the same query for later use rather than re-creating the where clause(s), complete the “Save Query As” box, click on “SAVE QUERY”, and save data in Notepad. If the user wants to use a previously saved query, click on the “PASTE QUERY” button and follow the steps below:

  • Open file that contains the pre-defined Ad Hoc query in Notepad.
  • Copy the content of the file.
  • Paste the contents in the box labeled “Ad Hoc Query”.
  • Click on “Run Report”.