Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR)


Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDR) aid in determining the cause of discrepancies, affect corrective actions and aid in prevention of recurrences. In addition to providing support for adjustment of property and financial inventory accounting records, SDRs provide visibility of preservation, packing, marking and unit discrepancies requiring corrective actions and disposition instructions. The ultimate goal of the SDR is to improve supply chain efficiency.

The SDR application permits records to flow between PDREP and Department of Defense’s Web SDR interface. This interface ensures that SDRs submitted to a valid Routing Identifier Code (RIC) or DoD Address Activity Code (DoDAAC) are electronically transferred to the Action Point’s interfaced SDR system and back again. Vendors and suppliers may also access the application to answer SDRs submitted to them by U.S. Government activities.

Report Retrieval

Different qualifiers can be used to produce a report specific to ones needs. Users have the option to:

  • Find, view and manage existing SDRs
  • Retrieve Quarterly Reports and standard Supply Discrepancy Reports
  • Run Metrics Reports