The Electronic Cost Reporting And Financial Tracking (eCRAFT)


The Electronic Cost Reporting and Financial Tracking (eCRAFT) Enterprise tool, utilized at all Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Surface and Undersea Warfare Centers, provides robust capability to perform post award tracking and monitoring of costs for service contracts. The eCRAFT Enterprise tool allows for consistent, integrated metrics that allow senior leadership the ability to make informed decisions concerning service contracting use across all Warfare Centers.

Benefits of eCRAFT

  • eCRAFT helps ensure fidelity in tracking of costs, which protects both the Contractor and the Government from potential mischarging and fraud.
  • eCRAFT submission fulfills the requirements of HQ G-2-0009 SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTIONS REGARDING INVOICING (NAVSEA) (APR 2015) by producing output that streamlines contract surveillance and is able to be compared against WAWF invoices for the same periodicity of time (Period Start Date, Period End Date).
  • eCRAFT standardizes post award contract cost reporting across all Warfare Centers

eCRAFT Vendor Report - File Upload