Surveillance Plan (SP)


Used by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), a Surveillance Plan is essentially the blueprint for an upcoming or ongoing contractor surveillance and oversight. Using a risk-based approach, Surveillance Plans are worked by a multifunctional group of DCMA Functional Specialists, covering Quality Assurance requirements, Contract Requirements and other areas that support the supplier surveillance process for government contracts, while on-site at a contractor’s facility

The SP module is used to create, store and edit Surveillance Plans. Deliverable Product Evaluations (DPE), Deliverable Service Evaluations (DSE), Process Evaluations & Progress Evaluations (PE) will also be recorded within the SP application.


Surveillance Plan policy is controlled by DCMA Manual 2303-01.
It covers requirements for:

  • Assessing Risk
  • Planning Surveillance
  • Surveillance Execution
  • Documenting Results
  • Identifying and Addressing Contractor Performance Deficiencies
  • Evaluation of Surveillance Plans

Searching and Pulling Reports

Surveillance Plans may be searched for by two methods. The first is the Surveillance Plan Worklist which generates a basic report that may be exported to a spreadsheet or worked in accordance with user access capabilities. The second is the Surveillance Plan Ad Hoc which can be used to generate a variety of reports and data pulls. Instructions for utilizing the Ad Hoc feature can be found in the DCMA Surveillance Plan (SP) User Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions for the Surveillance Plan module are found on the Frequently Asked Questions page under the ‘SP’ tab.