Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program

Surveillance Plan (SP)


Surveillance Plans are prepared by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) to record, using a risk-based multifunctional approach, plans for the upcoming or ongoing contractor surveillance and oversight. In addition, surveillance results in the form of Deliverable Product Evaluations, Deliverable Service Evaluations, Process Evaluations, and Progress Evaluations are also recorded within the SP.

Surveillance Plans are worked by a multifunctional group of DCMA Functional Specialists, covering Quality Assurance requirements, Contract Requirements, and many others.


Surveillance Plan policy is controlled by DCMA Manual 2303-01, covering requirements for:

  • Assessing Risk
  • Planning Surveillance
  • Surveillance Execution
  • Documenting Results
  • Identifying and Addressing Contractor Performance Deficiencies
  • Evaluation of Surveillance Plans

Searching and Pulling Reports

Surveillance Plans may be searched for via the Surveillance Plan Worklist which generates a basic report, as well as via the Surveillance Plan Ad Hoc. Instructions for utilizing the Ad Hoc feature can be found in the DCMA Surveillance Plan (SP) User Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions for the Surveillance Plan module are found on the Frequently Asked Questions page under the SP tab.


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