Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PQDR)


The purpose of preparing product quality deficiency reports is to determine the cause of discrepancies, affect corrective action and prevent recurrences. These reports provide support for adjustment of property and financial inventory accounting records; information as a basis for claims against contractors; required corrective and preventative actions; disposition instructions, information for management evaluations and performance evaluations used in source selection. PQDRs will be submitted for deficiencies detected on new or newly reworked government-owned products that do not fulfill their expected purpose, operation, or service due to deficiencies in design, specification, materiel, software, manufacturing process, and/or workmanship. This includes premature failure of items within an identified warranty period or specified level of performance.

The PDREP PQDR application allows users to Originate, Screen, Take Action or Support the PQDR process. The PDREP PQDR-II application permits PQDR records to flow between PDREP and other Department of Defense PQDR Web interfaces.


The DoD Product Quality Deficiency Reporting process is used to identify, report, and resolve conditions impacting the war fighter. The PQDR process provides timely quality feedback to activities responsible for design, development, purchasing, production, supply, maintenance, contract administration, and other functions so that action can be initiated to determine cause, take corrective action, and prevent recurrence. Integrates deficiency analysis and resolution processes to identify root cause and prevent or mitigate recurrence within acquisition, quality, systems engineering, and overall lifecycle management plans. Allows originating activities a means to obtain cost credit, replacement, and/or contractual remedy for procurement related quality deficiencies resulting from poor workmanship, nonconformance to applicable specifications, drawings, standards, processes or other technical requirements.


The Department of Defense Product Quality Deficiency Report, Inter-service Interface (PQDR-II), Automated Information System (AIS), is an Electronic Business initiative that is part of the Defense Reform Initiative Report of November 1997. The PQDR-II application automates, electronically, the transfer of PQDR data between Services and Components using various PQDR automated information systems. The development of the PQDR-II application was authorized by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Installation and Logistics Business Council, to initiate, and implement a methodology to process and share PQDR data across the components and services.

The PDREP PQDR Inter-Service Interface ensures that DoD Originated PQDR’s submitted to a DoD Address Activity Code’s (DoDAAC) are electronically transferred to the correct Screening, Action or Support Point’s interfaced PQDR systems and back again. This allows for investigation with corrective and preventative actions to be provided to the originator of the record. Contractors and Suppliers may also access the application to submit PQDR’s for U.S. Government provided material and answer PQDR’s submitted to them by U.S. Government activities.

PQDR-II currently provides the method for PQDR movement between the Services, DLA and DCMA. PQDRs routed based on change in location to the appropriate level every 15 minutes and attachments are sent with the PQDR.

PQDR Report Retrieval and Analysis: Different qualifiers can be used to produce a report specific to ones needs. Users have the option to retrieve:

  • Basic Product Discrepancy Reports
  • PQDR Statistics Reports
  • PQDR Summary Reports
  • Worklist Reports
  • PQDR Search Tools
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Metrics Reports
  • Find, view, or manage existing PQDRs