Warranty and Source of Repair


The purpose in the PDREP module is to collect the Warranty and Source of Repair (SOR) data. This will assist Program Managers (PM), Project Officers (PO), Logistics Managers (LM), Contracting Officers (CO), Contracting Officers Representatives (COR) and others who may be responsible for warranty development and implementation.

General Procedure

For new acquisitions, data is to be uploaded as attachments in DPAP’s iRAPT system. Attachments are transmitted from iRAPT to PDREP for inclusion in the warranty database.

For legacy acquisitions, data may be uploaded directly into PDREP. PDREP will, however, only accept the Excel versions of the Warranty and Source of Repair (SOR) data sheets.

Both the Excel and PDF versions of data sheets for upload can be found in the “EZ PDR Login” link on the PDREP web page, under the “Warranty/SOR” tab.

To search for uploaded data, users will need to get a PDREP account by selecting the “User Access Request” link on the PDREP web page. Once users have been given access, they can select the “PDREP Login” link and finally the “Warranty/SOR Search” link under the “PDREP Searches” heading.

*To access PDREP or EZ PDR, users will need a Common Access Card or an approved third party PKI certificate.


Warranty Tracking Information (WTI)
This provides an electronic means for submission to capture required warranty information as an attachment to an existing contract.

Source of Repair (SOR)
This provides the location to where the parts need to sent for Warranty Returns.

Warranty / (SOR) Training
Training can be found by selecting the “Online Training” link on the PDREP web page.

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