Warranty and Source of Repair


PDREP-AIS collects Warranty Tracking and Source of Repair Information and makes it available to Department of Defense (DoD) users as prescribed by DFARS 252.246-7005 and 252.246-7006. Collected information can be searched using a number of variables and is linked to related Product Quality Deficiency and Supply Discrepancy Reports within PDREP-AIS. Deficient items are flagged if warranty information is available.


PDREP-AIS receives warranty and source of repair information from Electronic Document Access (EDA). EDA is populated via contract attachments uploaded at the time of acquisition and product delivery. These attachments must be the interactive PDF documents specifically designed to allow data capture. PDREP-AIS maintains these attachments and specially formatted spreadsheet versions. The spreadsheet version must be converted to the interactive PDF before being uploaded to EDA. This conversion is performed in PDREP-AIS. Users may then upload their completed spreadsheet version, download the interactive PDF, and then upload in EDA.

Searching for warranty information in PDREP-AIS requires an account. To request an account, click the REQUEST ACCESS link above and follow the instructions.

DoD Warranty and Source of Repair training is available “here”.

The PDREP-AIS Warranty and Source of Repair User Guide is available “here”.


Warranty Tracking Information (WTI) Form

The ability to trace a warranted item from delivery through completion of the warranty.

Download   WTI PDF

Download   WTI Spreadsheet

Source of Repair Instruction (SORI) Form

The organization specified to receive and manage items returned by a customer.

Download   SORI PDF

Download   SORI Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet to PDF Conversion

Click here to convert Warranty and Source of Repair spreadsheets to PDF forms.