Supplier Audit and Assessment (SAA)


The Supplier Audit and Assessment (SAA) was designed to ensure consistent oversight of the supplier base that provides critical material to the Navy’s shipbuilding, ship repair, and fleet activities. It also provides a cost-effective method of sharing supplier audit information between all participants in the program. The ultimate goal of the SAA is to improve supply chain efficiency. The PDREP database is being used as the single repository for all Supplier Audit and Assessment (SAA) data, including, the current shared supplier list, audit checklists, audit results, and audit corrective actions. Supplier audits are focused primarily on process control. They are not intended to take the place of Pre/Post Award Surveys, Product-Oriented Surveys or Quality System Reviews.

Participation in the Navy’s Supplier Audit and Assessment is open to any DoD activity or DoD prime contractor engaged in the acquisition of critical material and/or a contractual requirement to audit critical suppliers. Participants share the workload for auditing shared suppliers, share the information regarding the results of supplier audits performed on all of their suppliers and participate in regularly scheduled SAA Working Group meetings. Upon determination that a supplier is to be audited, the appropriate DCMA Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) must be contacted to establish a start date for the audit. All SAA audit results are entered into PDREP. Each supplier visit will be entered under a single PDREP record that includes the audit results for each process checklist, copies of all completed audit checklists and auditor narrative reports. If an activity is not able to enter the information directly, contact the PDREP Help Desk for assistance.

Report Retrieval

Supplier audits are included as part of each supplier’s PDREP profile. They are also available for retrieval as individual Audit records from PDREP.

Supplier Audit Materials