Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program

Other PDREP Programs

Electronic Cost Reporting and Financial Tracking System

The Electronic Cost Reporting And Financial Tracking (eCRAFT) Enterprise tool, utilized at all Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Surface and Undersea Warfare Centers, provides robust capability to perform post award tracking and monitoring of costs for service contracts.
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NAVSUP Level I/SUBSAFE Verification Program is a Web Enabled information system for verifying Level I/SUBSAFE material markings at the end user level (e.g. shipyards, fleet, etc.). Level I designation is given to components for which the Navy requires a maximum degree of assurance that the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the installed material meets the specified requirements.
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Product Substitution Fraud

Product substitution and fraud is any willful substitution of products or materials, including adulteration or substitution of certification documents, resulting in the acquisition of unauthorized materials. Most unauthorized product substitution results from poor material, production control or both, or intentional substitution.
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Warranty and Source of Repair

The purpose in the PDREP module is to collect the Warranty and Source of Repair (SOR) data. This will assist Program Managers (PM), Project Officers (PO), Logistics Managers (LM), Contracting Officers (CO), Contracting Officers Representatives (COR) and others who may be responsible for warranty development and implementation.
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