Contract Award Delivery Data (CAD)


The Contract Award and Delivery Data (CAD) program is primarily used to provide a means of reporting delivery information on Navy procured material. This application provides the capability to either manually enter or batch upload CAD data and to search supplier CAD data.

When a delivery of contracted material is received, the information is collected in PDREP. This information is forwarded to SPRS to fulfill the requirements of FAR Part 42.15. Other DoD components with no other means of reporting contract delivery data to the SPRS system may participate. Data is automatically collected from the DoD Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) invoicing system, Defense Contract Management Administration's Contract Award System (MOCAS), the Navy's Integrated Logistics Management Information System (ILSMIS) and Naval Shipyard Material Access Technology (MAT) System.

Report Retrieval

To retrieve CAD data, the user hovers over “Contract Award and Delivery Data” under the heading “APPLICATIONS” of the PDREP home page. A fly out will appear and the user can select Search or Ad hoc Reports. The user will then be directed to the “Contract Award and Delivery Data” page. Under CAD Search the user can then enter the full contract number and select “Search”. If only using a partial contract number (minimum of 6 characters) the user will also need to add date parameters before selecting “Search”. It is also possible to create an individualized report by creating an “Ad Hoc Report” where the user can further define parameters for the search. Do this by selecting the Ad Hoc Reports in the fly out or by selecting the Tab labeled CAD Ad Hoc Reports at the top of the Contract Award and Delivery Data Page.