Quality Assurance Letter of Instruction and Letters of Delegation


Quality Assurance Letters of Instruction (QALI) are submitted by Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) customers to DCMA contract administration offices to request performance of specific surveillance activities, and/or other additional oversight of DOD suppliers. The QALI is used to convey instructions covering the type and extent of Government inspections for acquisitions that are complex, have critical applications, or have unusual requirements and should be issued in compliance with the terms of DFARS 246.103 and associated Procedures Guidance and Information (PGI).

Letters of Delegation (LOD) are submitted between DCMA activities to delegate sub vendor surveillance to another DCMA activity. The LOD may include program and/or process specific requirements, in addition to the mandatory inspection/oversight requirements.


When a QALI or LOD is documented and submitted to DCMA by a DoD activity, it will be reported to the Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program’s Automated Information System (PDREP-AIS).

After submitting a QALI or LOD, DCMA reviews the request and evaluates the requested inspections / requirements IAW DCMA instructions. The DCMA quality assurance representative (QAR) typically acknowledges receipt of the QALI or LOD from the customer before acceptance. DCMA may reject or accept with limitations the QALI or LOD. If that occurs, customers may amend the request and resubmit. Once completed, the results are returned to the submitter for review.

Contract Management Office (CMO) PDREP QALI/LOD Coordinators manage assignment of incoming customer QALIs and LOD’s.

PDREP QALI/LOD Coordinators are responsible for the timeliness of the accept/reject decision IAW the 20 business day suspense established when the DoDCCP sends the delegation to the QALI/LOD coordinator.

Report Retrieval

QALI and LOD can be found on user’s worklist by a variety of identifiers including:

  • Specific Record Control Number (RCN)
  • QAR Submitter ID or Team Code
  • Submitter or delegatee DoDAAC
  • Contract Number
  • CAGE Code
  • Date submitted

Search Function

Ad Hoc search function available within the application.

For more information on DCMA, visit https://www.dcma.mil