PDREP Objectives

The Department of the Navy Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program (DoN PDREP):

  1. Provides tools and processes to everyone that receives materiel from the DoD supply chain to provide feedback on the quality of materiel they receive.
  2. Provides a tool for supply chain managers to hear the voice of their customers and take action to improve supply chain performance.
  3. Enables Acquisition, Engineering, Maintenance, Criminal Investigators, and Quality Assurance communities to assess and monitor supplier performance and materiel quality.
  4. Provides the opportunity for the Acquisition Community to purchase materiel from proven quality suppliers; avoiding known poor performers.
  5. Promotes continuous process improvements within the DoD supply chain and acquisition processes increasing materiel readiness and reducing receipt of non-conforming materiel providing an overall cost savings to the Navy.
  6. Provides support in managing the Navy supply chain, motivating on-time delivery and first time quality of materiel from the supply chain and its external suppliers.
  7. Provides for management of suspect counterfeit materiel.
  8. Provides Information Technology tools to capture all DoN supplier performance and materiel quality data and is supplemented by other DoD activities, creating a comprehensive view of supplier performance and their materiel quality.
  9. The PDREP-AIS enables the reporting, storage, and sharing of supplier quality and delivery information from diverse DoN systems and reports it to the Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS).
  10. The PDREP-AIS provides a wide selection of standard reports, management reports and custom metrics for its users. The utility of these reports presents an opportunity for program managers to take appropriate action to preclude recurrence of problems and/or take remedial actions that will result in significant savings or cost avoidance and resulting in improvement in Fleet readiness.
  11. Provides the opportunity for all DoN activities to meet their CFR, FAR, DFAR, and DoD supplier past performance and materiel quality reporting requirements.