Survey Application


The survey program is primarily used to provide supplier information to Government procurement and quality assurance personnel. Visits are made to supplier sites for observations, discussions, and inspections which are recorded and documented as Supplier Surveys.

Government representatives collect information about supplier’s and their performance against requirements that should be documented and available to other DoD Agencies for future reference. This documentation, known as a survey, is conducted with the supplier, and sometimes jointly amongst Government agencies. When information is collected, it is stored in the PDREP database.

Report Retrieval

To retrieve or review Surveys, the user selects "Survey" under the heading "DATA ENTRY" of the PDREP home page. From the "Survey Record" page, the user can then select the type report, by either "Reporting Activity" or "Serial Number". If no criteria are entered, the users reporting activity will be the default entry. The report will be generated when the user selects "Search". It is also possible to create an individualized report by using an "Ad Hoc Report" from the PDREP home page and the user can define parameters for the search.

Survey types available in PDREP:

  • Pre-Award: Results used prior to an award of contract. These results are either a recommendation for award or no award.
  • Post-Award: Results after award and contains marginal pre-award findings, critical items outside supplier’s competency, adverse history, new supplier, and first article requirements.
  • Product Oriented: Discrepancies of the product or a review of production lines to reduce variability.
  • Special: A non-typical survey not covered by other categories.
  • Quality System Review: Survey of manufacturer’s quality system whether ISO or equivalent.
  • Inspection Capability Review: Manufacturers inspection procedures to include repeatability and reproducibility studies.
  • Mandatory Inspection Requirement: Supplier’s inspection compliance to include validation and verification to standards.

Creating Survey Data

The user selects "Survey" under the heading "DATA ENTRY" of the PDREP home page. From the "Survey Record" page, the user can then select the "Add Record" button. From the "Survey Add/Edit" page, the user can then enter Reporting Activity, CAGE Code, Survey Type, Contractor Assessment, a Narrative and other information, then select "Save".