Engineering Referral System (ERS)


The Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program’s (PDREP) Engineering Referral System (ERS) is designed to work in concert with existing DoD and Navy policies and processes. Today, the ER System enhances the communication between the nuclear materials community at each of the four Naval Shipyards, NAVSUP-WSS and engineers at the appropriate Central Design Agency.

The ER System serves as a link between the Receipt Inspection Management System (RIMS) as well as the Supply Action Module (SAM) and the Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PQDR) process; which streamlines and improves the efficiency of the overall processing of deficiencies.

While initially developed for the NAVSEA Nuclear community, ERS was also developed with the ability to be rapidly adopted by other user groups by deliberately designing the functionality to exclude references to nuclear materials and specific Navy processes. ERS helps Receipt Inspection areas by providing a more efficient method of receiving disposition information from engineers, and by alleviating material stagnation.

Report and Data Retrieval

To retrieve ER data, the user can use either the ER Search, or Ad-Hoc functionality within ERS. All queries can be downloaded to a Microsoft excel file format for further data analysis. Ad-Hoc search parameters can be saved to the user’s profile for recurrent searching.