Supply Action Module (SAM)


The Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program's (PDREP) Supply Action Module (SAM) is designed to work in concert with existing DoD and Navy policies and processes. The SAM is used to facilitate, document, and analyze various documents associated with technical receipt inspection of material with the primary user group being Naval Shipyard Nuclear Receipt Inspection & Nuclear Supply codes.

The Supply Action Module can be used to:

  • Record Allowance Parts List/Qualified Parts List (APL/QPL) records
  • Record Quality Deficiency Material (QDM) records
  • Record Material Assessment (MA) records
  • Record Stock Screening (Material Screening – MS) records
  • Query and search on the above record types

Report and Data Retrieval

To retrieve SAM data, the user can use either the SAM Search or Ad Hoc functionality within the SAM. SAM Search queries can be downloaded to a Microsoft Excel file format for further data analysis. Ad Hoc search parameters can be saved to the user’s profile for ease of future searching.

  • SAM Search - Select the SAM Search tab at the top of the SAM main page. Currently, a user can search on APL/QPL records for completed records. Other records can be queried via the worklist. A wide range of search fields can be populated to produce a search specific to the users' needs. Additional parameters can be entered into the fields to further restrict the search results and increase the speed with which the data is retrieved.
  • Ad Hoc - Select the Ad Hoc Search tab at the top of the SAM main page. The Ad Hoc tab was developed as a tool to allow a query of any record type in the PDREP Automated Information System (AIS) using abstracted structured query language (SQL) routines. The primary purpose of the SAM Ad Hoc application is to permit users to create their own user defined metrics and reports. Proper use of the SAM Ad Hoc report and search tools should facilitate the user's ability to find and format data into their own unique formats for the generation of local reports and metrics.