Navy Special Emphasis Program


DCMA performs oversight of contractor’s processes to assess and assure contractor compliance with contract quality and technical requirements. The DCMA Navy Special Emphasis Operations (NSEO) Contract Management Office (CMO) requires maximum confidence in the materials, components, documents and systems used on board submarines and nuclear powered surface vessels. These materials, components, documents and systems are identified as essential to the safe operation of the nuclear fleet and are considered to have the highest level of criticality. This level of criticality warrants additional oversight by DCMA personnel assigned to facilities, with NSEP contracts/purchase orders. These following programs fall under the cognizance of NSEO:

  •  Deep Submergence Systems/Scope of Certification Program (DSS-SOC)
  •  Fly By Wire Ship Control Systems (FBWSCS)
  •  Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP)
  •  NAVSUP Level 1 (L1) Program, the Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE) Program
  •  Naval Propulsion Program (NPP)
  •  Nuclear Plant Material (NPM) Program
  •  Ship Critical Safety Item (SCSI)

NSEO uses specialized checklists to perform Process Oversight (PO) to meet customer-directed requirements, to ensure the supplier is meeting contractual requirements, and to establish and maintain a basis of confidence for product/service acceptance. NSEO PO consists of Process Review (PR) documented in PDREP Supplier Audit and Assessment (SAA), and Process Surveillance (PS) documented in PDREP Surveillance Plan (SP). PR’s consist of Manufacturing Process Review (MPR) checklists and Quality Process Review (QPR) checklists, and PS’s consists of Manufacturing Process Surveillance (MPS) and Quality Process Surveillance (QPS) checklists.