Product Substitution, Fraud, and Counterfeit


Product substitution and fraud is any willful substitution of products or materials, including adulteration or substitution of certification documents, resulting in the acquisition of unauthorized materials. Most unauthorized product substitution results from poor material, production control or both, or intentional substitution. PDREP/PQDR provides for Navy management of suspect counterfeit materiel. PDREP will provide Navy support for supplier performance data pertaining to suspect counterfeit materiel to Quality Professionals, Engineers, Naval Investigators, the Acquisition Community and Responsible Suppliers. PDREP will provide support for detection, reporting (PQDR), remediation, investigation, prevention, and restitution remedies to defend against counterfeiting.


Actions to protect the government from the acquisition of fraudulently substituted or counterfeit products are the responsibility of the procuring activities. The Deputy Commander for Nuclear Propulsion (SEA 08) shall be consulted for all matters involving nuclear propulsion plant material.